Abuja Journal of Agriculture and Environment (AJAE)

Author(s): Ehien A.E., Makinta U., Bello O.G., Martins O.O., Abdullahi M. M., and Usman I.
Volume/Issue: Volume 1 , Issue 2 (2021)


This study investigated small-scale rice farmer’s utilization of agricultural credit guarantee scheme fund in Dutse local government area, Jigawa state Nigeria. Multistage sampling technique was used to get the sample size for the study. A structured interview schedule was used to elicit information from the respondents. Descriptive statistic such as mean, frequency distribution, percentage and rank were used to analyze the data. Findings of the study revealed that majority (55.66%) of the respondents are within the age range of 21-30 years, the average age is about 35 years in the study area. 89.62% were male and 10.38 were female. Majority (53.77%) were married. Majority (83.97%) of the respondents had formal education. Majority (64.15%) of the respondents’ household size were within the range of 1-5, with an average years of farming experience of 16 years. Main occupation and main source of income of the majority were farming at58.49% and 51.89% respectively. Majority (74.3%) had no membership with any association. Majority(74.3%) of the respondents had no awareness about the existence of agricultural credit guarantee scheme fund (ACGSF). Among the few (25.47%) respondents that were aware only 18 (16.99%) respondents obtained loan under the scheme. Majority (83.02%) of the respondents had no access to the scheme, among the few beneficiaries of the scheme, majority (9.43%) utilized the fund solely for agricultural production with the remaining percentage of the beneficiaries using some part or all of the fund for non agricultural production. The major constraints faced by respondents in accessing the scheme were lack of awareness of the scheme’s existence, long administrative procedure and non-membership of farmers’ cooperative societies. The minor constraints were religion and cultural beliefs. It is therefore recommended that government and all the agencies involved should try to raise the level of awareness of ACGSF among small scale rice farmers for effectiveness of the scheme.


Assessment, Small-Scale, Rice Farmers, Utilization, Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme Fund