Published by Faculty of Agriculture, University of Abuja


Abuja Journal of Agriculture and Environment (AJAE) covers a broad spectrum of topics related to agriculture and the environment, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of these fields. Articles published in the journal may include research papers, review articles, and case studies that address issues such as sustainable agriculture, environmental conservation, climate change impacts, and innovative agricultural practices.

Editorial Board and Peer Review Process

The journal boasts a distinguished editorial board comprising experts and scholars with significant contributions to the field. Rigorous peer review processes ensure the high quality and credibility of the published content. This commitment to academic excellence positions AJAE as a reputable source for up-to-date and reliable information in agriculture and environmental studies.

Impact and Contributions

Over the years, AJAE has made significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge in agriculture and environmental science. The published research not only adds to the academic discourse but also has practical implications for policymakers, environmentalists, and professionals in related fields. The journal plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.